These series of materials are designed to help you prepare for the Appraisal Institute’s comprehensive examination or a state certified general examination. The programs are presented a format which allows you to work through multiple choice, primarily quantitative type questions. While the specific questions on the exams change from time to time, the types of questions change less. The solutions for the questions are very detailed and will be demonstrated with the HP 12C.

The material is intentionally very challenging in the belief that it is better to find out now what you don’t know now, rather than find out the hard way when you take the test. The material does not simply review/repeat the same kinds of questions that students have seen and could re-review from the AI advanced courses b/c there would be no “value add” to doing that.

Please feel free to email (garydeweese@comcast.net) or call (925-216-8751) Gary if you have any questions.