General Module Topics


  • Linear Regression (simple and multiple)
  • Standard Deviation
  • R, R2 and adjusted R2
  • Coefficient of Variation
  • Interpreting F stat, T stat, P Value for statistical significance
  • Confidence Intervals
  • Interpreting graphical analysis
  • Interpreting multiple regression equations
  • Reading box and whisker charts
  • Z scores
  • Use of statistics in risk analysis


  • Wrap around loans
  • Federal monetary policy
  • Complex cash equivalency problems (also covered in Income module)
  • Participating and convertible mortgages
  • Calculating lender’s yield rate

Income Tax Impacts

  • After tax cash flow analysis
  • Effective Tax Rate
  • Relationship between pre-tax and after-tax yield rates

Market Conditions

  • Market Cycle
  • Market Equilibrium
  • External Obsolescence
  • Feasibility Rent
  • Equilibrium Rent


  • Options for reporting
  • Weighted average conclusions
  • Selecting best approach to value
  • Selecting best adjustments

General Principles

  • Principles of value
  • Factors that affect real estate value
  • Factors that influence value
  • Agents of production
  • Extraordinary vs. hypothetical conditions
  • FAR
  • Nominal vs. real rates
  • Metes and bounds measurement
  • Geometry