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Comprehensive Exam Prep

Are you getting ready to take the Comprehensive Appraisal Exam? If you want to ensure that you’re doing all that you can to pass this rigorous exam, look no further.

Gary S. DeWeese, MAI and a senior instructor for the Appraisal Institute, is offering a 2 day webinar on the Income Capitalization Approach on Friday and Saturday, October 26th and 27th, 2012 2012.

This challenging, fast-paced online program will focus on the kinds of problems students will find in the Income Module of the Comprehensive Exam. The program is designed in a question and answer format, where students are encouraged to ask questions and discuss the problems. Instructor Gary DeWeese lends his expertise in explaining problems on the Comprehensive Exam in a light, easy to understand format.

Comprehensive Exam Income Module Exam Prep:  Sample Questions

How much must an owner set aside annually over 5 years to resurface the roof of the building given the following:

1. cost is $100,000 today
2. cost is expected to increase 3% per year
3. owner’s opportunity cost of funds is 10%
4. owner’s expected interest rate in a safe account is 3%


What are the annual payments on a $1,000,000 loan for 30 amortized quarterly at 8%; 2% loan fee: 2% prepayment fee; assumed pay-off in 10 years?

Calculate the expense reimbursement for the following 50,000 RSF property:
1. Expense Reimbursement charges @ 100% occupancy: $3/RSF with no reimbursement for property mgt expenses
2. Vacancy: 10%
3, Property Mgt Fee: $20,000 + 5% administrative fee of collected expense reimbursements


Who is Gary DeWeese

Gary S. DeWeese, MAI, CRE is a highly rated instructor for the Appraisal Institute. He has taught for more than 15 years, including all the advanced courses related to highest and best use and market analysis, and the income, sales and cost approaches.

Mr. DeWeese has an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley and is the former head of the real estate investment group for the UC pension and endowment funds. He is the founding principal of Real Estate Strategic Solutions, LLC, a real estate consulting firm.

His teaching style is to teach both concepts and applications in the clearest and simplest way possible, such that students will be able to intuitively master the material without having to memorize formulas. Students prefer this approach as evidenced by the very positive student evaluations that he has achieved over the years.

Income Capitalization Module

Date: Friday and Saturday, October 26th and 27th, 2012.

Time: 8 am – 4 pm PST

Cost: $300

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